PT. Multi Karya Tata Bersama


Selling Fire Alarm from PT Multi Karya Tata Bersama in Bekasi. Fire alarm is a fire protection system that consists of a set of components that produce sound, and light to provide an early warning if a fire occurs in one of the rooms.

Fire alarm has 2 systems namely conventional systems and addressable systems. Conventional systems and addresble systems, the two systems have differences in the way they signal and how they work, one of which is that conventional systems have a parallel installation system so that there will be terminal systems L (+) and C (-) that will be connected to cables in each ZONE, while for addresaable systems do not use L (+) and C (-) terminals but use LOOP terminals.

PT. Multikarya Tata Bersama sells fire alarms with conventional and addressable systems.

In addition to selling its fire alarm, we also accept the installation of its fire alarm installation service.

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