PT. Multi Karya Tata Bersama


Sell Fire Sprinkler from PT Multi Karya Tata Bersama in Bekasi. Fire sprinkler is one of the fire extinguishing systems automatically by removing the water contained in a system that has been installed in a building.

Sprinkler has several types such as pendent, up right, side wall, etc.The choice of type for the sprinkler depends on the leveling plan.

How it works is when a fire sprinkler is detected there is a fire around the sprinkler, then the temperature will be hot around the sprinkler, the mercury automatically in the glass will break and from there the discharge will come out to extinguish the fire.

PT. Multikarya Tata Bersama sells sprinklers under the ZST and PR brands, we also provide services for sprinkler installation.

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