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  • Instalasi Fire Hydrant
  • Instalasi Fire Hydrant

Services Description Instalasi Fire Hydrant

ire hydrant is one of the fire system that is organized so that it has related to each other that can not be separated, so that on the hydrant network system if one of the problematic components will affect the performance of hydrant as a whole.
adapters Hydrant network installation system includes:

1. Fire Pumps (which includes Diesel Pump, Electrical Pump, and Jockey pump)
2. Hydrant Pillar
3. Hydrant Box (indoor or outdoor)
4. Hoose reel
5. Siamese connection (Fire Department Connection)
6. Noozle Hose

And there are some other supporting components such as pressure switches, pressure gauge, safety relief valve, and other valve accessories.
If your company already has a fire hydrant and it is necessary to regular maintenance, checking and training your fire team, so that the existing fire system can maintain its condition. so that the existing fire hydrant function can function optimally

besides we provide hydrant installation service, we also provide fabrication service of fuel tank and other tank, pegisian ulng fire extinguisher.

for the price we can give the best price and compete with others, for more info can contact us directly at our existing contact profile.

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